Health Sciences PhD

What You'll Study

One of the main goals of this Ph.D. program is to admit students from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to facilitate interprofessional learning and experiences. We feel this is a contextually “richer” experience for adult learners who are currently working in the health arena, or plan to teach in health-related professions. This approach will allow the student to realize that any environment can truly be a research lab.

Much of the core coursework is grounded in the biopsychosocial model with a strong emphasis on how personal and environmental factors play key roles in the healthcare delivery system. Each student will learn how psychological and behavioral elements interplay with social and physical determinants of health to determine how citizens access and use the healthcare system and how to influence these factors through educational and public policy efforts. You will learn how to recognize, measure and control for these influences both clinically and in your research.

The PhD in Health Sciences is an interdisciplinary degree that does not possess a singular research focus. You will have the opportunity to pursue meaningful research in your area of health science while incorporating feedback from other healthcare disciplines.

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