Criminal Justice Major

Becoming a police officer or detective is personally rewarding work that also helps your community. But to protect and serve, you must first learn how to do it well.

What You'll Study

Our Criminal Justice majors study the law inside and out, and how best to protect citizens under those laws. Many students also choose to go on to law school after earning their degree.

We're the only university in Ohio where you can practice your CSI aspirations firsthand. Criminal Justice and Forensic Science majors have a five-room crime scene laboratory to analyze mock crime scenes. It's one of only six in the country.

Our students also get the opportunity to integrate academic studies with the daily operations of a forensic science related facility through our required internship program their senior year. Each of the required six semester hours translates to 45 on-site hours in the field. For more about our internship program, see the Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Internship Manual*.

You can also get a head start on finding a job as a police officer. Our department offers a full-service police academy, Basic Police Officer Training. After finishing, you're certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice available for this major. 

All Criminal Justice students complete the general degree requirement. You will also choose one of the following five tracks to enhance your degree: