Special Education Major

Students with special needs deserve support and encouragement in their educational success. Our accredited program prepares you in gaining the knowledge, skills and dispositions to best serve this population.

What You'll Study

Through the major, you'll find quality and diversity of classroom instruction and field experiences. Along with close mentorships with faculty who guide you through learning, you'll also have close ties through the program to successful alumni, program supervisors, schools and agencies, and others who support students with exceptional learning needs in the regional area.

You'll be prepared for a career as an intervention specialist, providing enhanced social skills, reinforcement-based behavioral interventions, inclusion strategies and assistive technology to individuals with disabilities or exceptionalities. We have a long history of producing graduates who have served the area as special education teachers, intervention specialists and special education professionals.

The degree program prepares you for the Ohio licensure exam, which will result in the corresponding Intervention Specialist Licensure, as well as a license in Integrated Social Studies or Integrated English Language Arts.

Master of Science in Education available for this major. 


As a Special Education major, you'll be placed on a mild-to-moderate track, then choose either Integrated Social Studies, or Integrated English Language Arts to be licensed in. 

  • Mild-to-Moderate Disabilities Track

    You'll take courses to study for the Bachelor of Science in Education degree and Intervention Specialist Licensure in mild-to-moderate disabilities. Licensure also requires passing the Ohio Assessments for Educators Exams prior to student teaching.

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One More Thing

The Special Education program at YSU is not only one which allows you to grow in your knowledge of the diverse students in today’s schools, but it also allows you to grow as a person.”

Kendal Malsch, Special Education Student