Special Education MSD

Our master's program provides advanced cognitive and educational skills to current or starting professionals who work to serve individuals with exceptionalities.

What You'll Study

If you're seeking better job placement opportunities, professional development or expertise in a specialized area of special education, our master's degree program can give you the tools to reach new heights as a professional.

You'll be introduced to advanced and in-depth teaching strategies that provide a thorough understanding and the ability to implement tools as an intervention specialist working with learners with significant disabilities. In the program, you'll choose one of two licensure tracks, specializing either in autism and related (moderate-to-intensive) disabilities or mild-to-moderate disabilities.

The master's program prepares you to successfully pass the Ohio licensure exam, which will result in the corresponding Intervention Specialist Licensure.


When seeking your master's in special education, you'll take courses to learn different instructional methodologies for working with students with special needs. You'll also choose an area of specialization.

Program Overview

  • Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate Disabilities, Online

    In YSU's Master of Science in Education – Special Education – Intervention Specialist Mild/Moderate Disabilities online program, you will study the characteristics and behaviors of exceptional individuals, developing skills to help them navigate their K-12 academic and social experiences and transition successfully from school to adult life. This program will help you meet rigorous standards as you develop curriculum, evaluate progress and customize the learning environment to meet their individual needs. Coursework also includes classroom management techniques, research and data collection, and ethical, legal and professional guidelines in special education.

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  • Autism and Related Disabilities, Online

    If you want to advocate for students affected by autism and related disabilities, the Master of Science in Education – Special Education – Autism and Related Disabilities online program at YSU will give you the knowledge and skills you need. In this program, students explore evidence-based methods and practices to guide individuals with exceptionalities to achieve best outcomes in academic settings and meet their social-emotional behavior needs. The focus on current trends in special education will prepare you to assume and succeed in a variety of roles in special education settings.

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One More Thing

I chose this program for my graduate degree because of the knowledge and expertise that each professor brings to this field. I learned so much while I was in class and through my numerous hands-on experiences. I was thoroughly prepared to be a special education teacher; to serve this community with pride from where my training came from.”

Carrie Fiol, Special Education Alumna