Pre-Law Advisement

You have big plans, big dreams—law school big. With the Pre-Law advisement option available in the Rigelhaupt Pre-Law Center at YSU, you can start a path toward realizing these dreams.

What You'll Study

If you're dedicated to pursuing a career in the legal profession, you'll be on the right track with YSU's very active, successful Pre-Law advisement. Our students have been accepted to the law school programs at Harvard, Duke, Georgetown, the University of Michigan, Case Western Reserve and Ohio State. More than two-thirds of law school applicants from YSU are accepted into at least one law school program.

You'll receive individual advisement at the beginning of your academic career to learn about the various field of legal practice, and in your junior year, you'll receive guidance while arranging for law school entrance exams and interviews.

Students who are committed to pursuing a law degree upon graduating from YSU are eligible to apply for the Judge Sidney Rigelhaupt and Bert Rigelhaupt Scholarship. The scholarships are awarded annually and cover full tuition.

Pre-Law Advisement