Political Science Major

Let's talk politics. Youngstown State offers a major that helps you successfully prepare for your future in government, law or international affairs.

What You'll Study

As a Political Science major, you'll study both domestic and foreign affairs, gaining insight into the philosophical and historical foundations of constitutional government in the United States, while also learning about other forms of government around the world.

Students may select a general major in political science, or choose a more specific track within the major, such as Foreign Affairs or Public Management, to focus your studies. You'll also have the opportunity to pair your degree with a number of different minors.  The pre-law program is also housed in the Department of Politics and International Relations.

As part of the major, you will have the opportunity to participate on the YSU Moot Court team and Model UN.

By the time you graduate from the program, you'll be able to:

  • Summarize fundamental components of political theory, American government, comparative politics and international relations;
  • Explain constitutional principles that have shaped the American Republic;
  • Recognize basic ideas, problems and processes of comparative politics and international relations relative to issues of Western and non-Western political development, different forms of national government, and foreign policy behaviors in the global economy; and
  • Apply the Style Manual of the American Political Science Association (APSA) in conjunction with your research, writing skills and projects.

The major prepares you for graduate study, law school or a career in government or public service as an elected politician, support staffer or consulting analyst. Graduates of our program have gone on to attend law school at Harvard, Duke, Georgetown, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, Case Western Reserve University and the University of Pittsburgh.


  • Foreign Affairs Track

    Gain a broad understanding of international relations and comparative politics. In the Foreign Affairs track, you'll study patterns of conflict and cooperation among nations and international organizations while developing a sense of the problems of governance, justice, economic development and political stability.

    The track is designed to accommodate students seeking careers in such fields as diplomacy, international security, humanitarian and technical assistance, international education, international trade and public affairs.

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  • Public Management Track

    If you desire a career in national, state or local government, the Public Management track will give you the knowledge and economics skills needed to succeed in this field.

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Internships and Jobs


  • Congressman Tim Ryan's Office
  • Congressman Bill Johnson’s Office
  • CNN
  • The City of Youngstown
  • The Ohio Legislature
  • Youngstown Business Incubator
  • Youngstown State University
  • The News Outlet


  • Buzzfeed Legal Editor and Political Reporter 
  • Federal Administrative Law Judge 
  • Congressional Staff
  • Ohio House of Representatives
  • Ohio Legislative Service Commission
  • City of Youngstown
  • Mahoning County Board of Elections
  • PETA