Creative Writing Minor

You've always been a writer at heart, and now you want to pair your natural talent with an education. Our Creative Writing minor offers a broad opportunity to study and practice your art.

What You'll Study

Creative writers know how to tell a story—whether it's in the pages of a best-selling novel or on the pages of a corporate website. The skills you're armed with when you know how to write aren't limited to your passion for poetry; they're also real-world tools that you can use in creative careers with fields like marketing, new media and communications.

The minor in Creative Writing will take you through introductory courses in fiction, poetry and screenwriting to advanced writing classes. You'll also take two interactive workshops to hone your skills not only as a storyteller but also as a literary critic, as you share and read original works from your peers.

In short, it's the most (and best) creative writing education you could ever squeeze out of 18 credit hours.

The End.

Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing available for this major.