Students Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a student with a disability you have certain rights and responsibilities when it comes to ensuring equal access at a postsecondary institution. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights has put together a pamphlet outlining the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities. You can find this document online or order a free copy at the following link: Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education: Know Your Rights and Responsibilities.

The Accessibility Services Office (AS) has put together a document about rights and responsibilities specific to students using accommodations at YSU. Students who register with AS are asked to review these rights and responsibilities to facilitate the process of receiving and using accommodations at AS. Students with disabilities who know their rights and responsibilities are much better equipped to succeed as students seeking a higher education degree.

As a registered student with AS it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities related to using your accommodations at YSU. Follow up with your coordinator if you have questions after reviewing this document.


  1.  It is your right to have equal access to your educational experiences at YSU. It is your right to use individualized accommodations to remove or reduce disability-related barriers you experience in your classroom or learning environment.

  2.  It is your right to decide if and when you will use your accommodations each semester. You must request and discuss your Accommodation Letter(s) with instructors BEFORE any accommodations can be provided. Accommodations may not apply to any coursework that takes place prior to discussing the Accommodation Letter with the instructor.

  3.  It is your right to request adjustments to your accommodations at any time. All requests will be reviewed by your coordinator and approved, as appropriate, to ensure equal access. Changes made to accommodations will be in effect after an updated Accommodation Letter is delivered and discussed with the instructor(s).

  4.  It is your right to have your disability kept confidential as the law allows. AS will not share information regarding your disability with any faculty, staff, parent, or other entities unless you have completed a Release of Information and given permission to do so or there is an explicit need to know.

  5.  It is your right to have your approved accommodations provided to you free of charge, as mandated in the Americans with Disabilities Act. AS will never charge you for your accommodations.


  1.  You are responsible for requesting and discussing your Accommodation Letter with each instructor before using any of your accommodations. Accommodations become effective on the date the Accommodation Letter is discussed with your instructor(s). Accommodations are not retroactive.

  2.  It is your responsibility to read each class syllabus and talk with instructors about the ways in which the course structure and essential requirements may impact the use of your accommodations.

  3.  It is your responsibility to report problems to your AS coordinator regarding instructors who are not providing accommodations appropriately. This should be done in a timely manner, during the semester the problem is occurring, and not after grades have been given for the course.

  4.  It is your responsibility to meet the essential requirements of a class or program.

  5.  You must follow the university's conduct standards as all other students do.