Police Department Public Records Request

Ohio Revised Code § 149 provides statutory guidance for public record requests. ORC 149(B)(1) requires a public office to provide prompt inspection of public records and, upon request, provide copies within a reasonable amount of time. 

Please use the University Police Public Records Request formThis is for University Police Public Records only.  For general University public records requests, please contact University General Counsel's Office.

Ohio law further specifies that the public office shall notify the requester of any redaction and provide the requester with an explanation, including legal authority, setting forth the reason(s) for denying requests.

The following information will be redacted and cannot be released: 

  • Personal Information – ORC 149.43(A)(1)
  • [Social Security Number, State or Federal Tax ID, Driver’s License or State Identification Number, Financial and Medical Account Numbers]
  • Telephone Numbers for a Victim or Witness to a Crime - ORC 149.43(A)(1)
  • Depictions of Victims – ORC 149.43(A)(1)
  • Uncharged Suspects – ORC 149.43(A)(2)
  • Designated Public Service Worker Residential & Familial Information – ORC 149.43(A)(1)
  • [Personal, residential, and beneficiary information for a peace officer, parole officer, probation officer, bailiff, prosecuting attorneys, correctional employees, designated Ohio national guard member, protective services worker, youth services employee, firefighter, EMT, medical director or member of a cooperating physician advisory board of an EMS, state board of pharmacy employee, emergency service telecommunicator, mental health provider, judge, magistrate, etc.]
  • Medical Records – ORC 149.43(A)(1)
  • Trial Preparation Records - ORC 149.43(A)(1)
  • Confidential Law Enforcement Investigation Records - ORC 149.43(A)(2) 
  • Confidential Informants - ORC 149.43(A)(2)
  • Security and Infrastructure Records - ORC 149.433 
  • Public Employees Home Address – State ex rel. Dispatch Printing Co. v. Johnson, 106 Ohio St.3d 160, 2005-Ohio-3484 (2005) 
  • Restricted Portions of a Body-Worn Camera or Dashboard Camera Recording - ORC 149.43(A)(1)
  • Records the Release of Which is Prohibited by State or Federal Law - ORC 149.43(A)(1)