Sexual Assault Prevention

Youngstown State University is an academic community that is dedicated to the advancement and development of the individual student and values the dignity of the individual. Any activity that may be a threaten our ideals, especially sexual assault, will not be tolerated. Sexual assault includes, but is not limited to, rape and/or acquaintance rape.

The YSU Police Department conducts self-protection, rape, and acquaintance-rape prevention programs each quarter throughout the school year. The Counseling Center offers trained teams to speak to organizations and YSU classes on the subject of rape and acquaintance rape.

A victim of sexual assault is encouraged to report the incident to the YSU Police Department. The Department has crisis intervention officers who will work with and comfort the victim. Any faculty, staff, or student member who discovers that a person has been sexually assaulted should encourage the victim to report the incident to the YSU Police Department for a proper investigation. The victim's confidentiality will be maintained.

The victim is urged to contact the YSU Police Department as soon as possible. Important evidence could be obtained in order to insure a conviction. If at the time of the incident, the victim declines to prosecute, the evidence will be on hand in the event that the victim later decides to pursue charges. The Student Code contains complete guidelines concerning procedures to follow in the event a sexual assault occurs.