Clery Daily Logs


Logs are updated Monday - Friday during normal business hours (excluding holidays)

Crime Logs: Logs display calls taken in the last 60 days. Previous logs or hard copy logs may be requested by emailing William Rogner at Allow at least one day for processing and preparation. There is no charge for this report.

Times are reported in 24-hour format. For exmple: [11:00 PM = 23:00], [12:00 AM = 0:00], [1:00 AM = 1:00], [1:00 PM = 13:00], [2:00 PM = 14:00]

The logs for Lorain and Lakeland Colleges are included due to the fact YSU has a written use of space agreement with these colleges.

Report status is updated within two business days, which is the shortest time allowed by federal law.