5G Readiness Training Program

The 5G Readiness and Broadband Training is a 16-week, stackable four-badge, industry-recognized credential program from the world’s leading authority on all things wireless. This is a great complement to a degree program or the perfect way to get started in the networking and telecommunication industry. The majority of classes are online and streamed virtually for your convenience!


Our next classes start September 5, 2023 and January 9, 2024.


  • To earn an industry-recognized certification from the Wireless Infrastructure Network as you begin or enhance a career in the telecommunication industry.
  • Qualify for an array of occupations as technicians, analysts, engineers, and more, earning a yearly salary between $43,000-$138,000


  1. Apply for the 5G Readiness Program
  2. Complete the MyInnerGenius Skilled Technical Assessment
    • You will be required to create an account on the YSU Skills Accelerator if you have not previously registered.
    • You will be required to create an account with MyInnerGenius.
    • Once you’ve completed your assessment and are matched to 5G Readiness, you will receive the YSU Career Fit: 5G Readiness badge, issued by Credly.
    • YSU STEM College students are not required to take the assessment. Proceed directly to the registration for the 5G Readiness Training Program.
  3. Register for Credential #1, WIA’s 5G Readiness: Wireless Broadband Infrastructure


  • Credential #1: Wireless Broadband Infrastructure
    • Training Duration: 14.5 hours
    • Cost: $1,699
    • Class Format: (4) eLearning Modules and (1) Live Virtual Session
    • Class Content:
      • Wireless 101 (eLearning)
      • Macro Site Fundamentals (eLearning)
      • Get Up To Speed With 5G (eLearning)
      • Cellular Communication Theories (Live Virtual Session)
      • RF Safety and Awareness (eLearning)

    *Students do not reapply for Credentials #2-4.

  • Credential #2: 5G Ecosystem
    • Training Duration: 12 hours
    • Cost: $1,699
    • Class Format: (2) eLearning Modules and (2) Live Virtual Sessions
    • Class Content:
      • Your Future with 5G (eLearning)
      • Spectrum Fundamentals (Live Virtual Session)
      • 5G Ecosystem Overview (eLearning)
      • Cell Site Design and Panning (Live Virtual Session)
  • Credential #3: In-Building Wireless Solutions
    • Training Duration: 16 hours
    • Cost: $1, 799
    • Class Format: (1) eLearning Module and (3) Live Virtual Sessions
    • Class Content:
      • DAS and Small Cell Basics
      • Wi-Fi Integration
      • In-Building Wireless Ecosystem Overview
      • In-Building RF DAS Components and Subsystem
  • Credential #4: 5G and Broadband Deployment
    • Training Duration: 15 hours
    • Cost: $1, 699
    • Class Format: (4) Live Virtual Sessions
    • Class Content:
      • Edge Computing, CBRS, and Private Networks with 5G
      • Fiber for Wireless Infrastructure
      • Line Sweeping and PIM Testing
      • Fundamentals of RF Engineering