Prospective Students



To apply to this program:

  1. Download the application below (PDF file) or get one from the Guidance Office, from our Coordinator or get one from our Graduate Assistant.
  2. Fill it out and return it to the Coordinator or the Graduate Assistant.
  3. We will contact you to schedule an interview.
  4. You will be interviewed by our Coordinator, our Graduate Assistant or both.

This process is mainly for information purposes. The goal of the interview process is to get to know you and to explain how the program works.

Academic Achievers Application*





Academic School Year 

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings with our Coordinator or our Graduate Assistant.
    • This can be done at tutoring.
  • Tutoring for the hours required of you.
  • 1 hour per "C" or lower OR 2 hours minimum for all new students for the probationary period.
  • Attend Mrs. Hunter's Science Class after school on the days specified in the schedule.
  • Attend Saturday Meetings at Youngstown State on the days specified in the schedule.
  • JUNIORS ONLY: Attend ACT Prep on the days specified in the schedule.



  • Attend the 6 week program (June-July).
    • Students stay on campus in resident housing at Youngstown State University, with board and supplies included, from Sunday night through Friday afternoon, courtesy of the program.
    • The summer program features classes for college preparedness, college visits and fun, educational trips!
    • Students will receive a stipend for attending.