The Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct is committed to supporting a positive learning environment by challenging students to reconcile their behavior making them a positive and contributing member of the University community.



The Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct within the Division of Student Experience is committed to providing a process that promotes character, community, and civility among University students. In support of that focus, the process maintains policies and procedures committed to providing a fair, structured, timely, and educationally-based student conduct process. Furthermore, the office interprets and disseminates information about student conduct policies and procedures to all members of the University community.


Core Values

Character: The Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct is committed to a process that fosters personal responsibility, respect, fairness, integrity, and personal development.

Community: We reinforce the importance of maintaining a safe, inclusive, and affirming campus environment in which the rights and contributions of everyone is respected.

Civility: We strive to provide learning and developmental experiences which challenge students to understand that their conduct must demonstrate courtesy, compassion, and dignity of all people.

Report a Potential Violation