Ombuds Services

The Ombudsperson has the official role of ensuring the interests and rights of all students (undergraduate and graduate) enrolled at YSU. A major task of the Ombudsperson is to assure that all students have full access to conflict-resolving processes by serving as a reliable, comprehensive source of information about YSU’s rules and procedures. They (or their designee) are authorized by the University to confidentially receive complaints, concerns, or inquiries and to provide confidential, impartial, informal, and independent assistance. The Ombudsperson strives to maintain an atmosphere of confidentiality and fairness, while promoting a safe environment that is conducive to learning.

How can the YSU Ombudsperson help students?
•    Listen
•    Answer questions
•    Analyze a situation
•    Explain YSU’s policies and procedures
•    Provide information and options
•    Assist with decision making
•    Review correspondence
•    Make appropriate referrals
•    Communicate with others (with permission of the student)
•    Facilitate discussion
•    Develop options to resolve problems
•    “Coach”
•    Mediate between individuals or groups
•    Recommend changes to YSU policies that may be outdated, ineffectual, or arbitrary


If you have an issue or concern you would like to discuss with the Ombudsperson, please complete the link below. The Ombudsperson (or their designee) will contact you via the phone or email provided in the report.  

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing an emergency situation, please contact YSU Police immediately at 330-941-3527.   

Request an Appointment with YSU's Ombudsperson