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YSU Homecoming Royalty
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Mya Blanco
Francesca Byrne
Shreeya Manandhar
Kierston Richardson
Rachael Thomas

Mario Campalong
Noah Landry
Mark Pompeo
Connor Remington
Edward Sadler, Jr.

mya blanco

Mya Blanco

ORGANIZATIONS: Pre-Dental Society Biology Club, Muslim Student Association, Emerging Leader Program, Stem Leadership Society

MAJOR: Biology/Pre-Dental

MINOR: Chemistry

PROFESSIONAL GOALS: I hope to go to dental school and then continue my education to become an Orthodontist and start my own practice.

PERSONAL GOALS: I hope to become a successful orthodontist and start my own family. I am very committed to this goal, as I am on track to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in biological sciences in just 2 years!

NOMINATED BY: Pre-Dental Society

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Francesca Byrne

ORGANIZATIONS: YSU Marching Pride, Advertising Club, Honors College, Pi Sigma Epsilon -  Professional Fraternity in Marketing, Sales Management and Selling, American Chemical Society

MAJOR: Advertising and Public Relations

MINOR: French

PROFESSIONAL GOALS: I hope to pursue a career in the branding/design/advertising field, as I embrace my creativity and efforts to spread inspiration and connection to other people throughout the world. My plans after graduation are to pursue a Masters Degree in Design/Advertising. I hope to study and work abroad, as I follow my love for building relationships, exploring new places, meeting new people, and learning new languages, culture, and different ways of life around the world.

PERSONAL GOALS: As I follow my passions, I hope to always embody the qualities of hard work and ambition that my roots in Youngstown have instilled in me. I am so grateful to have made so many connections, experiences, and memories here at YSU, and I hope to inspire and stand alongside my fellow penguins to make a positive difference in our community. As always, I will continue to embrace each day with an open mind, big heart, and lots of YSU spirit.

NOMINATED BY: Dana Tuba Euphonium Society

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​shreeya manandharShreeya Manandhar

ORGANIZATIONS: Nepalese student Association, Honors College, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Knit Together Stitch Together, Pre-dental Society, Biology Club

MAJOR: Biological Science (Pre-dental)

MINOR: Chemistry

PROFESSIONAL GOALS: My immediate objective is to improve my time management skills and become a leader who can effectively communicate ideas and resolve problems. For the past four years, I've worked part-time as a sales representative and am the president of NSA, Pre-dental, Bio Club, and NSCS's pacemaker. I'm learning how to strike a healthy balance between my personal and professional lives, which will help me develop as a resilient person. Because I'll be graduating next year, my goal is to do well on the DAT, shadow more dentists, and perform better in future dental school interviews. My long-term aim after graduating from dentistry school is to open my own clinic and establish a team of people who are passionate about providing patients with the care they deserve.

PERSONAL GOALS: My personal goal is to make the best of any situation, to prioritize my health and family, to travel, and to live a life that I would be proud of as a kid. My personal mantra has always been to never be afraid of new challenges and to treat others with kindness.

NOMINATED BY: Nepalese Student Association

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kierston richardsonKierston Richardson

ORGANIZATIONS: Black Student Union, Gymnastics Club

MAJOR: Telecommunications

MINOR: Journalism

PROFESSIONAL GOALS: After, I graduate college next semester. I plan to go to Case Western Reserve University where I will be pursuing my Master’s Degree in Political Science. After obtaining my Degree from Case I plan to be a Political Commentator. My ultimate goal is to have my own talk show.

PERSONAL GOALS: My personal goal is to leave an impact on YSU, and make as many connections as I can. I want to meet so many new people and make so many new friends. I want YSU to remember my name. I look forward to finishing out my Senior Year here at YSU. I want to be a better leader in my community and at school. I can't wait to make more memories that will last a life time at YSU.

NOMINATED BY: Black Student Union

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rachael thomasRachael Thomas

ORGANIZATIONS: Association for Women in Mathematics, Pi Mu Epsilon Honor Society, Social Media Ambassador, Honors College, Presidential Mentors, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Youngstown Student Education Association

MAJOR: Integrated Mathematics Education


PROFESSIONAL GOALS: After graduation, I plan to obtain a job as a high school math teacher somewhere within the Mahoning Valley. I plan to receive my teaching license in both Ohio and Pennsylvania. After teaching for a year or two, I'd eventually like to earn my Master's in Mathematics so that I can teach college credit classes to high school students! Ultimately, I want to be a positive influence on young adults who may be intimidated by math. Math can be scary for so many young students. Many students show an interest in STEM-related career fields but may feel discouraged because of the challenging nature of these subjects. I hope to be an advocate for students interested in STEM, especially mathematics. I aspire to help students feel more confident in their abilities to pursue math.

PERSONAL GOALS: Not only do I wish to positively influence young adults intrigued by math, but especially women in math! I genuinely feel it is crucial for women to feel comfortable pursuing their dreams, even if they are the minority in a particular career field. I aspire to be a role model to young women in mathematics and mathematics-related fields. Outside of math and education, I hope to consistently work on myself, both physically and mentally, to become the best possible version of myself. I love being outdoors, going for walks, exercising, and discovering new things. I also hope to improve my abilities as a saxophonist in my spare time.

NOMINATED BY: Association for Women in Math

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mario campalong

Mario Campalong

ORGANIZATIONS: Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity, Criminal Justice Club, Forensic Science Club, Admission Ambassador, Social Media Ambassador, Greek Campus Life

MAJOR: Criminal Justice

MINOR: Forensic science

PROFESSIONAL GOALS: After I graduate I want to work towards employment in Federal Law Enforcement or anything related to working towards that goal!

PERSONAL GOALS: Graduate with my bachelor's in criminal justice and certificate in forensic science, then go back to school and get my masters in Criminal Justice.

NOMINATED BY: Sigma Tau Gamma

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Noah Landry

Noah Landry

ORGANIZATIONS: Presidential Residence Hall Leaders, Saxophone Society, Honors College

MAJOR: Music Performance


PROFESSIONAL GOALS: Continue making and sharing my love for music wherever life may take me. I also hope to be an activist for the LGBTQ+ community in creating a more accepting world.

PERSONAL GOALS: To continue to grow as a person and learn to love all parts of myself, including the things I was once afraid of.

NOMINATED BY: Presidential Residence Hall Leaders

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mark pompeoMark Pompeo

ORGANIZATIONS: Society for Human Resource Management, Order of Omega Greek Honors Society, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Italian Club, and Tennis Club

MAJOR: Human Resource Management

MINOR: Italian

PROFESSIONAL GOALS: Mark would like to pursue a career in HR at a corporate company.

PERSONAL GOALS: Mark would like to move to a big city to pursue his career in HR management.

NOMINATED BY: Society of Human Resource Managers

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connor remingtonConnor Remington

ORGANIZATIONS: Dana Tuba Euphonium Society

MAJOR: Music Education - Instrumental

PROFESSIONAL GOALS: I am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in music education from YSU. After graduating, I plan to pursue my master's and doctoral in musical arts and plan to get a university teaching job to try and help shape the minds of the aspiring young musicians of tomorrow.

PERSONAL GOALS: I hope to one day have a job teaching tuba and euphonium students at a university and to potentially have some symphony orchestra performance jobs as well.

NOMINATED BY: Dana Tuba Euphonium Society

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edward sadler jrEdward Sadler, Jr


MAJOR: Biology Pre Med


PROFESSIONAL GOALS: My professional goal is becoming a strong African American leader in life, a role model that people can look up too in life. I want my younger family members looking at me and saying "wow I can do that also". I plan on studying for the MCAT so I can become a future Plastic Surgeon.

PERSONAL GOALS: My personal goal is to become successful and expand my travels throughout the world. I wouldn't mind being the next superstar in this generation. I also am into photography, currently signed with a model agency in New York. I want to become a top model. My main priority in life is to make my family extremely proud of me in the decisions that I pursue in life. Staying healthy and happy and surrounding myself around positive friends and family.

NOMINATED BY: Biology Club

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