Recycling In Each Campus Building:

Located in the hallways throughout campus are recycling bin-sets for the following materials:




Paper Recycling
DO RECYCLE DON't recycle
White & Colored Paper (copy paper) Newspaper
Mill Wrapper (wrapper from new paper) Magazines
Window Envelopes Junk mail-glossy paper
Cardboard *flatten: place behind recycling bin Golden rod envelopes
  All books (soft and hard cover)
  Phone books
  Carbon prints
  Construction paper
  Wrapping & tissue paper
  Sanitary or food paper
  Paper towels
  Paper plates & cups
  Paper bags


Plastic Bottle Recycling
DO recycle Don't recycle
EMPTY Beverage Bottles Only Cups
EMPTY Food Jars Only (ex. mixed nuts jar w/o lid) Plastic bottles that contained motor oil or pesticides
  Food containers/clamshells
  Lids/Caps from bottles & jars
  Plastic bags, wrap & other film plastic
  CDs and tapes
  Eating utensils, straws & serviceware
  All other plastics


Metal Food & Beverage Container Recycling
DO recycle don't recycle
EMPTY Aluminum Beverage Cans  All other metal items
EMPTY Steel or Bi-Metal Food Containers  


Carton Recycling
do recycle don't recycle
EMPTY Beverage & Broth Cartons Plastic caps from cartons
EMPTY & RINSED Soup Cartons Full or partially used cartons


Unfortunately, not every waste generated can be recycled, and YSU has had to amend our acceptable recyclables based on what our vendors are currently recycling.  Please make sure to refer to this guide every few months as it may be updated based on changes in the current local & global recycling markets.


Recycling is not meant to be a solution to the waste issue, and many people have relied too heavily on recycling, and alone, it's not sustainable. Recycling has always been the last choice when no other options exist. However, since we create the waste, we can simply choose to REFUSE waste (Do you really need a straw?), REDUCE waste (sturdy canvas shopping bags will last for decades, just like reusable beverage containers - eliminate single-use disposables), RECLAIM/REPURPOSE & REUSE waste (donating is always great, but some people can actually make money through restoring or creating usable items from old items).  If none of that applies to the waste generated, either make sure you RESPONSIBLY RECYCLE, or landfill the waste. If composting options exist, take full advantage of that opportunity as it can easily be done in the backyard or at a local community garden