QUEST Winners

Best Overall Graduate College Project ($500 YSU Foundation Scholarship):

Astha Syal

  • Network Data Analysis to predict volume of Future Network Traffic


Best Overall Undergraduate Project (1,000 YSU Foundation Scholarship) - College of Creative Arts and Communication:

Isaac Hraga

  • Controlling Forte: Discussing Composition for a Dynamic Video Game Soundtrack and Sound Design


Best Undergraduate Projects, College of STEM ($200 Office of Research Scholarships):

Lydia Johnson, Abdel Ruhman Yusuf, Taylor Rogers, Branson Brownfield      

  • Tensile Strength of Flexor Tendons in Sloth Limbs


Alexis Fisher

  • Cardiovascular Illness: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention in captive western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)


Best Undergraduate Project, College of Health and Human Services ($200 Office of Research Scholarship):

Natalie Danko, Kiersten Rader, Simona Dignan, Rachelle Calvin

  • Health Profession Students’ Knowledge of Dental Hygiene Education and Scope of Practice


Best Undergraduate Projects, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences ($200 Office of Research Scholarships):

Robin Stears

  • Integrative Computer-Assisted Language Learning and the Brave New Virtual World


Cailey Barnhardt, Zoe Cavoulas

  • A Comparative Study of Quality of Life Between American and Chinese Students


Best Undergraduate Project, College of Education ($200 Office of Research Scholarship):

Michael Kacir

  • Home Runs Impact on Baseball