Instructions for Waiver of Competitive Bidding

A Request for Waiver of Competitive Bidding* is required when a purchase of goods or services exceeds bid limits per Policy 3-01** when not purchased under a current price agreement through a recognized governmental or group purchasing organization.

Special circumstances, including single source provider, emergency purchases, or economic efficacy may arise. If the purchase is at or above the competitive selection dollar threshold and the nature of the purchase is such that competitive selection would be impractical, the department making the request for a purchase may submit a written request for a waiver of competitive selection. Such requests must include justification as to why a waiver is warranted, be signed or approved by the appropriate financial manager with signature authority, and be attached electronically to the requisition being submitted for the purchase.

If the director of procurement services finds that sufficient justification has been presented, he or she may approve the waiver. If the director feels that a bid waiver should be denied, it will be forwarded to the vice president for finance and business operations, or designee, for final approval or denial. If the request is denied, procurement services will initiate a competitive selection process at the request of the user department.