Mr. Sebastian Giraldo

Assistant Professor
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Mr. Sebastian Giraldo

Assistant Professor



Sebastian is an Assistant Professor in the Graphic Design + Interactive program. He brings to his role rich experience and profound knowledge in visual communication and interactive design. His academic journey, marked by a BFA in Graphic Design from Colegiatura Colombiana in Colombia, and an MFA in Visual Communication Design from Kent State

University in Ohio, further accentuates his credentials. In the classroom, Sebastian is dedicated to teaching the finer details of well funded leading-edge design while introducing and encouraging the adaptation of the best design practices. His teaching style, characterized by an authentic love for knowledge, incites a spirit of curiosity and creativity among his students.

In addition to his academic endeavors, Sebastian keenly participates in the professional sphere as a consultant in SaaS and B2B UI/UX design. He consistently collaborates with multifaceted teams to solve complex design challenges that require finesse and innovation. In the face of these intricate tasks, he persistently sharpens his problem-solving capabilities, perpetually pursuing methods that offer both innovation and efficiency. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and his exploratory mindset enable him to succeed and provide progressive solutions in this space.

The blend of Sebastian's industry practice and academic responsibilities results in a unique perspective that allows him to offer pioneering and extraordinarily effective solutions. His dual roles facilitate an enriching exchange between his professional and academic worlds. They help students gain a real-world understanding of design challenges while enabling him to stay updated with the latest trends and technological advancements in the field of design. This blend creates a holistic learning environment for his students and an innovative space for his professional work.

Research Interests

User Experience (UX), User-Centric Design, Usability Testing, User Needs Analysis, Contextual Inquiry, Context Analysis, Design Problem-Solving, SaaS Experience Design, B2B Experience Design.

Teaching Interests

Visual Design, Interactive Design, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Problem-Solving, Industry Collaboration, Technology Integration in Design, Software for design, Branding

  • Education
    • 2021

      MFA, Visual Communication Design

      Kent State University

    • 2018

      BA, Graphic Design

      Colegiatura Colombiana

  • Past History
    • 2021

      Riise (Part of SDC Designs)

      UI/UX Designer

    • 2019

      Wick Poetry Center

      Graphic Designer

    • 2016


    • 2016

      Crystal SAS

      Graphic Designer