Dr. Rebecca Badawy

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Dr. Rebecca Badawy

Assistant Professor

Management & Marketing


Research Interests

Social influence, person-job fit, impostor phenomenon, psychological entitlement, identity

Teaching Interests

Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, Leadership

  • Education
    • 2014

      Ph D, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

      The State University of New York at Buffalo

      Dissertation/Thesis Title — "Identity and Person-Job Fit: Do You See Me Like I See Me?"

    • 2010

      MA, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

      West Chester University of Pennsylvania

    • 2008

      BA, Psychology

      The State University of New York at Buffalo

  • Professional Positions
    • 2014 -

      Youngstown State University

      Assistant Professor

    • 2010 - 2014

      University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.

      Graduate Research Assistant/Instructor

    • 2008 - 2010

      VA Medical Center, Research & Development, Coatesville, PA

      Research Assistant

    • 2007 - 2007

      SUNY, Buffalo

      Research Assistant, Interpersonal Processes Lab

  • Intellectual Contributions
    • 2018

      "The role of leader relationship quality in employee fit perceptions"

      R. Badawy , B. Gazdag, R. Brouer, D. Treadway

      Journal of Applied Social Psychology, volume 49, issue 2, p. 86-98

    • 2018

      "Are all impostors created equal? Exploring gender differences in the impostor phenomenon-performance link"

      R. Badawy , B. Gazdag, J. Bentley, R. Brouer

      Personality and Individual Differences, volume 131, p. 156-163

    • 2018

      "When do Machs feel threatened? An investigation into fair situations"

      R. Badawy , R. Brouer, E. Fabrizio

      Journal of Research in Personality, volume 74, p. 50-55

    • 2017

      "Gender (In) Consistent Communication via Social Media and Hireability: An Exploratory Study"

      R. Brouer, M. Stefanone, R. Badawy , M. Egnoto

      Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, volume 50, p. 2223-2232

    • 2016

      "Are you actually helping or just looking out for yourself: Examining the individual and interactive effects of relationship quality and political skill on supervisor motive attributions"

      R. Badawy , B. Shaughnessy, R. Brouer, S. Seitz

      Organization Management Journal, volume 13, issue 3, p. 124-137

    • 2015

      "Ability to Manage Resources in the Impression Management Process: The Mediating Effects of Resources on Job Performance"

      R. Brouer, V. Gallagher, R. Badawy

      Journal of Business and Psychology, volume 31, issue 4, p. 515-531

    • 2015

      "Political skill dimensionality and impression management choice and effective use."

      R. Brouer, R. Badawy , V. Gallagher, J. Haber

      Journal of Business and Psychology, volume 30, issue 2, p. 217–233

    • 2015

      "When Employers Lose Control in the Recruitment Process: The Impact of Social Networking Sites on Organizational Attraction."

      R. Brouer, M. Stefanone, R. Badawy , M. Egnoto, S. Seitz

      Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences HICSS-48, Digital and Social Media, volume 48, p. 1879-1888

    • 2014

      "I’m not just wasting time online! A test of Situational Awareness: An exploratory study."

      R. Badawy , M. Stefanone, M. Brouer

      Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences: Network Analysis of Social and Digital Media Track, volume 47, p. 1566-1575

    • 2009

      "Differential effects of daily snack food intake on the reinforcing value of food in obese and non-obese women."

      J. Temple, A. Bulkley, R. Badawy , N. Krause, S. McCann, L. Epstein

      American journal of clinical nutrition, issue 90, p. 304-313

  • Public Service
    • 2004 - present

      St. John Maron Church