Dr. Max Grubb

Senior Lecturer
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Dr. Max V Grubb

Senior Lecturer


Bliss Hall 2014



Dr. Max Grubb is a native of Medina, Ohio. His doctorate is in mass communication from Ohio University specializing in international media systems and development communications, with an outside area in political science. He has over thirty years of professional commercial, public and community media experience in management, programming, marketing, sales and production, including the multiplatform multimedia communications environment.

Besides fourteen years academic experience, Dr. Grubb has served for over sixteen years as an international communications/ media development consultant for state department funded projects. He has worked with media and communication professionals, government officials and journalists in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Egypt, Russia, Nigeria, Republic of Georgia, Great Britain and France. In addition, Dr. Grubb has worked with international visitors to the United States, developing and conducting workshops and study tours for government officials and media professionals from Libya, Russia, Egypt, and Yemen, including countries from the Asia, South American and African continents plus the Caribbean. As part of this work, Dr. Grubb negotiated university partnerships with universities in Egypt and Russia. In addition, for over ten years he has taken students to London and Paris to explore the cultural, societal and political aspects and issues of the British and French media systems.

Research Interests

Communication and International Development; Media Business (Strategic Media Management)

Teaching Interests

Multimedia, Communication Studies and Journalism

  • Education
    • 1999

      Ph D, Mass Communication - International Communication/Media Systems

      Ohio University

    • 1994

      MA, Media Management

      Kent State University

    • 1979

      Other, Broadcast Management

      Ohio University