Dr. Laura Beadling

Associate Professor

Dr. Laura L. Beadling joined YSU's English Department in 2013 after teaching at a branch campus of the University of Wisconsin system for several years.  She specializes in visual studies—film, television, graphic novels, etc.—and Native American history and culture.  She also does work in rhetoric and composition and creative writing.

She co-edited a book of composition exercises and is currently working on a screenwriting textbook and a single-director study.  She has recently published on Native American Gothic films, Native American women film directors, depictions of women in Alexander Payne's films, voice-over narration in two Coen brothers' films, Joss Whedon's sci-fi television show Firefly, HBO's adaptation of Angels in America, and graphic memoirs by Art Spiegelman and Mine Okubo. 

At YSU, she frequently teaches Screenwriting, Introduction to Film, Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, the composition Practicum, studies in film, film genres, and foreign film.

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Laura L. Beadling

Associate Professor

English and World Languages