Dr. Kelly Wilkinson

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Dr. Kelly Lynn Wilkinson

Dean and Professor

Williamson College of Business Administration

Williamson Hall

phone: (330) 941-2737


  • Education
    • 1997

      Ph D, Business Education/Vocational Education

      University of Missouri-Columbia

    • 1994

      MS, Business Education

      Arkansas State University

    • 1987

      BS, Accounting

      Arkansas State University

  • Awards and Honors
    • May 2014

      Faculty Recognation Award in Recognition of Exemplary Scholarship

    • March 2014

      Academy of Finance Conference

      Best Paper in Track Award in Financial Markets

      Name of the paper; Does The Management Discussion and Analysis Section of the 10-k Provide Information for Retirement Decisions?

  • Administrative Assignments
    • 2022 - present


  • Intellectual Contributions
    • 2019

      "The Readability of the Management Discussion and Analysis Section and Footnotes of 10-Ks: The Case of the Gas and Oil Industry"

      Journal of Accounting and Finance, volume 19, issue 5

    • 2017

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    • 2015

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    • 2015

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    • 2015

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    • 2015

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    • 2014

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    • 2014

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    • 2014

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      Science Reference (an imprint of IGI Global)

    • 2014

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    • 2013

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    • 2013

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    • 2012

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    • 2010

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    • 2010

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    • 2009

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    • 2008

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    • 2008

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    • 2007

      "Chapter 7—Technology Tools and the Assessment Process"

      National Business Education Association, p. 18 ages

    • 2007

      "converting assessment of traditional classroom assignments to the 3-Learning environment"

      Online Journal for Workforce Education and Development, volume I, issue 5

    • 2007

      "Planning for Instruction"

      National Business Education Association

    • 2006

      "Teaching Business etiquette using an alternative method and alternative delivery"

      Business Education Forum, volume 60, issue 4, p. 43-45

    • 2006

      "Effective workload management strategies for teaching online"

      Delta Pi Epsilon National Conference Proceedings

    • 2006

      "Students' Computer Literacy: Perception Versus Reality"

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    • 2006

      "E-instructors: Their perceptions of best practices"

      Organizational Systems Research Assocation Rescearch Conference Proceedings

    • 2005

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    • 2004

      "Beyond extraneous variables: Revisitng the student satisfaction survey and analyzing additional data in summative sutdent evaluations"

      Delta Pi Epsilon Research Proceedings

    • 2004

      "A meeting planning project: A Major component in developing teamwork and collaborative writing skills"

      Journal of Organiational Culture, volume 4, issue 2, p. 21-26

  • Professional Service
    • 2019 - present

      Editorial Review Board Member
      Journal of Education for Business

    • 2005 - 2007

      Officer, Other Officer
      Delta Pi Epsilon

    • 2004 - 2006

      Organizational Systems Research Assocation

    • 2003 - 2005

      Committee Member
      Association of Career and Technical Education Taskforce

  • Public Service
    • 2014 - present

      Eastside Church of Christ-Operation Clean Start
      Terre Haute, IN

    • 2013 - present

      Board Member
      United Way-Community Impact Committee
      Terre Haute, IN

    • 2013 - present

      United Way