Dr. Gregg Sturrus

Chair and Professor
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Dr. Gregg Gregory Sturrus

Chair Professor

College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Geology, & Environmental Sciences

Ward Beecher Hall 2023

phone: (330) 941-7113



William Gregory Sturrus was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, graduated from Jenison High School, and lived in western Michigan through his years in college. He graduated from Hope College in Holland, Michigan with a degree in physics and mathematics and continued his education by attending graduate school in atomic physics at the University of Notre Dame. He became a postdoctoral associate at the University of Virginia working there for almost 3 years before being hired at Youngstown State University in the Department of Physics and Astronomy in 1991. His two daughters graduated from YSU, one now works as a registered nurse in Columbus, and the other as a CPA in Liberty, Ohio. His research interests are studying the excitation of atoms, ions, and nanoparticles using laser and radiofrequency radiation.

Research Interests

Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics projects including studies of Rydberg atoms and molecules. More recently, experimental investigations of laser-treated nanoparticles conjoined with antibodies to destroy pathogen-like proteins, bacteria, and fungi.

Teaching Interests

All introductory physics courses, Quantum Mechanics, Modern Physics, Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics. Since becoming chair, mostly the upper division laboratory classes: Thermodynamics Lab and Modern Physics Lab.