Dr. David Griswold

Associate Professor
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Dr. David William Griswold

Associate Professor

Graduate Studies in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences

Cushwa Hall B309

phone: (330) 941-2419


  • Intellectual Contributions
    • 2023

      "Creation of a risk of harms informed consent form for dry needling: A nominal group technique"

      Musculoskeletal Science and Practice, volume 66, p. 1-8

    • 2023

      "Identifying which adverse events associated with dry needling should be included for informed consent: A modified e-Delphi study"

      Physiotherapy Theory and Practice/Taylor and Francis, p. 1-13

    • 2023

      "Comparing dry needling or local acupuncture to various wet needling injection types for musculoskeletal pain and disability. A systematic review of randomized clinical trials"

      Disability and Rehabilitation, p. 1-15

    • 2022

      "Dry Needling for Subacromial Pain Syndrome: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis"

      Pain Med, volume 24, issue 3, p. 285-299

    • 2022

      "Immediate effects of superficial dry needling of the trigeminal nerve innervation field for participants with cervicogenic headache. A randomized controlled trial"

      Physiother Theory Pract, p. 1-9

    • 2015

      "Establishing the reliability and concurrent validity of physical performance tests using virtual reality equipment for community-dwelling healthy elders"

      DISABILITY AND REHABILITATION, volume 37, issue 12, p. 1097-1101