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Brian Bonhomme received his PhD from the Graduate Center, City University of New York, in 2000. Major field: Late Modern Europe. Minor field: History of Science. Dissertation on Forest Management and Conservation in Soviet Russia, 1917-25.

  • Education
    • 2000

      Ph D, Late Modern Europe

      Graduate Center of the City University of New York

      Dissertation/Thesis Title — "Forests, Peasants, and Revolutionaries: Forest Conservation in Soviet Russia, 1917-1925"

    • 1996

      MA, Late Modern Europe

      Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY)

    • 1993

      BA, History, Russian language

      City College of the City University of New York

  • Intellectual Contributions
    • 2023

      "Falling for Fallout?: The Marketing and Consumption of Fear and Shelter in Northeast Ohio, 1961-1963"

      B. Bonhomme

      Ohio History/Ohio State University Press, volume 131, issue 1 (Spring 2024), p. 9-31

    • 2020

      "Indispensable Allies or Overly-Sentimentalized Critters?: Debating the Merits of Wild Birds as Defenders of Crop, 1850s-1914"

      B. Bonhomme

      The Historian/Taylor & Francis/Phi Alpha Theta (National History Honors Society), volume 83, issue 1, p. 44-69

    • 2016

      "Russia's Forests in War and Revolution: Resources, impacts, Plans, and Realities"

      B. Bonhomme

      Slavica Imprint of Indiana University Press, volume 3, issue 3

    • 2012

      "Russian Exploration, from Siberia to Space: A History"

      B. Bonhomme

      McFarland and Company, p. 217

    • 2012

      "Writing the Environmental History of the World's Largest State: Four Decades of Scholarship on Russia and the USSR"

      B. Bonhomme

      Global Environment, volume 12, issue 2013, p. 12-36

    • 2010

      "Milestone Documents in World History: Exploring the Primary Sources that Shaped the World"

      B. Bonhomme

      Schlager, volume 1-4, p. 1,600+

    • 2009

      "Russian Compassion: The Russian Society for the Protection of Animals -- Founding and Contexts, 1865-1875"

      B. Bonhomme

      The Canadian Journal of History/Annales Canadiennes d'Histoire, volume 45, issue 2, p. 235-258

    • 2005

      "Forests, Peasants, and Revolutionaries: Forest Conservation and Organization in Soviet Russia, 1917-1927"

      B. Bonhomme

      East European Monograph Series, Dist. Columbia University Press, p. 252

    • 2003

      "Landmarks of Modern World History: A Sourcebook, 1500-Present"

      B. Bonhomme

      Kendall Hunt, p. 275

  • Public Service
    • 2019 - 2025

      Committee Member
      Ohio Transfer Module (OT36)

    • 2018 - 2024

      Guest Speaker
      Public Lectures and Presentations

    • 2018 - present

      Steel Museum (YHCIL)