YSU hosts TEDX Youngstown on campus

TEDX Youngstown will be held at the Spotlight Theater in Bliss Hall on the campus of Youngstown State University 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday, March 10. Titled “Life Happens”, the sessions will be focused on teaching individuals the small changes they can make to improve their community. Tickets are limited and can be purchased online.

Speakers include:

  • William Adams
  • Carol Bennet
  • Philippe Bouissou — Aligning the Dots, The Secret to Grow Any Business
  • Kelly Casperson
  • Joe Danyi
  • Corinne Devin — How Changing the Game Matters to Your Success
  • John Evans—From ‘OK, Cool,’ to WOW
  • Karen Federici
  • Jason Flakes — Putting Hustle Culture to Rest
  • Adiel Gorel
  • Molly Johnson
  • Chris Kent — A Dynamic Prescription for Personal Growth
  • Christina Matteucci — The Irresistible Mystique of Freak
  • Olive Persimmon — Dive Into the Confetti Zone to Unlock Your Sexual Identity
  • Carmella M. Williams — Great Leaders Are Built on the Playground
  • Quinton Zondervan — Solarize and Save!