Research Professorships awarded to 23 YSU faculty

The following Youngstown State University faculty have been awarded Research Professorships for the 2018-19 academic year:

  1. Christopher Arntsen, Chemistry, “Prediction of Band Gaps in Novel Materials Using Stochastic GW.”
  2. Ewelina Boczkowska, Dana School of Music, “Music and Auteur Filmmaker in European Art Cinema – Edited Collection.”
  3. Jonathan Caguiat, Biological Sciences, “Cloning and Sequencing of Three Penicillin Resistance Genes from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia OR02.”
  4. Dawna Cerney, Geography, “Assessing Post Fire Vegetation Growth in The Kenow Fire, Waterton Lakes National Park.”
  5. Kyosung Choo, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, “Single Bubble Collision on a Heated Surface.”
  6. Pedro Cortes, Civil/Environmental & Chemical Engineering, “Development of novel fiber metal laminates based on continuously reinforced 3D printed composites.”
  7. Thomas P. Diggins, Biological Sciences, “The Eastern Deciduous Biome in the 21st Century – Forests of Unintended Consequences.”
  8. Jaelyn R. Farris, Psychology, “Promoting Healthy Families in the Greater Mahoning Valley: A Community Based Participatory Research Approach.”
  9. Kendra Fowler, Marketing, “Crafting a Response to a Rival’s Negative Comparative Ad.”
  10.  Douglas Genna, Chemistry, “Synthesis of Stable Silyl Rh(III)-hydride complexes for alkene functionalization reactions.”
  11.  Guohong Helen Han-Haas, Management, “How to measure data analytics in HR: An empirical study.”
  12.  Tiffany F. Hughes, Sociology, Anthropology, Gerontology, and Long-Term Care Administration, “Tai Chi to reduce fall risk among community-dwelling older adults.”
  13.  Jai K. Jung, Civil/Environmental and Chemical Engineering, “Determination of Soil Secant Modulus for Soil-Pipe Interaction.”
  14.  Lucy Kerns, Mathematics & Statistics, “Statistical Approaches for Assessing Adverse Health Effects of Chemical Mixtures.”
  15.  Alina Lazar, Computer Science and Information Systems, “Efficient Clustering Algorithms for Real-time Streaming Data.”
  16.  Holly J. Martin, Civil/Environmental and Chemical Engineering, “Bonding Polyetherimide to Magnesium to Improve Corrosion Resistance.”
  17.  John Martin, Mechanical Engineering, “Exploring Applications and Benefits of 3D Printed Ceramic Shells for Investment Casting Using the XJet.”
  18.  Karin A. Petruska, Accounting & Finance, “Canada’s Mandatory Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS): Impact on Accounting and Audit Quality.”
  19.  Suresh Sharma, Civil/Environmental & Chemical Engineering, “Investigating Salinity Variation across the Marsh Basin Using Coupled Hydrodynamic and Watershed Model for Ecological Benefit.”
  20.  Bradley A. Shellito, Geography, “Introduction to Geospatial Technologies 5th Edition.”
  21.  Robert Twomey, Art, “A Machine For Living In.”
  22.  Jessica Wallace, Kinesiology & Sports Science, “Exploring Health Disparities Related to Concussion.”
  23.  Feng Yu, Computer Science and Information Systems, “Developing a New Index Structure for Fast Columnar Data Processing in Out-of-Core Environment.”