Motor Vehicle Accident

If you are involved in an accident, do the following:

  • Stop at once!  Check for personal injuries and request an ambulance if needed.  Do not leave the scene.  Ask for assistance of a bystander.
  • Protect the scene.  Set emergency flashers to prevent further injury or damage.
  • Secure assistance of a Police Officer when possible.  Record the name and badge number of the officer.  If accident occurs on or near campus, call YSU Police at ext. 3527.
  • Record names and addresses of all witnesses and occupants of involved vehicles.  Record the vehicle license number.
  • Do not argue!  Make no statement except to proper authorities.  Sign only official police reports.  Do not plead guilty or admit fault.
  • If you are driving a University-owned vehicle fill out the “ON THE SPOT” ACCIDENT REPORT which is found in the glove box of every University-owned vehicle.
  • If you are driving a rental vehicle, these reports can be obtained from the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (EOHS) located in room 2046 Cushwa Hall or at ext. 3700.
  • As soon as possible report the accident to EOHS at ext. 3700.