Mandatory Compliance Training

  • Mandatory Courses in EduRisk

    The courses listed below are available in your EduRisk dashboard.  You can take them at your convenience, and we will send reminders closer to the due date of each of the courses.  You can complete a course prior to the assigned deadline.    

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    Once you are logged in, you can access the course under “My Courses.” You will receive an email containing a link to your completion certificate upon successful completion of the course.  Your history of completed courses is found under the “My Completions" tab. 

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    Mandatory Compliance Training Courses: 

    Data Security Learning Program - This learning program includes online courses and supplemental resources to provide learners with a high-level overview of data security issues while offering practical steps institutions can take to avoid data breaches (50 minutes).  

    Courses within the Program include:

          Data Security: Malware (10 minutes)- deadline to complete is April 30, 2020

          Data Security: Passwords (10 minutes)- deadline to complete is April 30, 2020

          Data Security: Mobile Devices and Third-Party Websites (10 minutes)- deadline to complete is July 30, 2020

          Data Security: Phishing (10 minutes)- deadline to complete is December 10, 2020

          Data Security: Physical Security and Unintended Disclosures (10 minutes)- deadline to complete is December 10, 2020


    FERPA: Protecting Student Privacy- This course covers when (and when not) to release student records to avoid violations of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). (10-15 minutes)- deadline to complete is May 30, 2020.


    Mosaic: Learning Program for Higher Ed - Workplace harassment and discrimination diminish the entire campus community, as does the related problem of student sexual misconduct. College and university employees, including faculty and staff, have a vital role to play. This course will help employees identify, address, and prevent these problems with the Mosaic learning program. 

    Courses within the Program include:

              Mosaic: Prevent Discrimination and Harassment Together- Employees (40 minutes)- deadline to complete is September 30, 2020

              Mosaic: Prevent Discrimination and Harassment Together- Supervisors (40 minutes)- deadline to complete is September 30, 2020

              Mosaic: Prevent Sexual Violence Together (45 minutes)- deadline to complete is November 30, 2020


    **Protecting Children Learning Program (Minors on Campus) is available to all employees, however it is only required to be completed if you are planning to host or are participating in an event where you will exercise direct supervision of minors**.   

    Protecting Children Learning Program (Minors on Campus) - This learning program will help educators and adults learn how to recognize, prevent, and report sexual misconduct. It includes online courses for educators, a short video for higher education employees that don’t work directly with children, as well as checklists, guides, and publications.

    Courses within the Program include:

           Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct (30 minutes)

           Hiring Staff Who Work with Minors (30 minutes)

           Shine a Light (10 minute video)

    The Youngstown State University Board of Trustees adopted a Minors on Campus Policy.  As a provider of a program where you and/or your staff are in direct supervision of minors, please familiarize yourself with the Minors on Campus Policy, which dictates that any person who will oversee, direct, and/or chaperone minor children on campus must have training on how to protect children from harm while on campus. 

    The primary contact for the event is responsible to complete the Minors on Campus Event Staff form indicating all persons who will exercise direct supervision of minors and to provide them with the registration instructions on how to complete the required training.  The information will be sent to Organizational Development- Jenn Drennen ( and Megan Massaro (  

    "Any employee or volunteer who in the course of their duties witnesses abuse or neglect of a minor or has information that would lead a reasonable person to believe that a minor faces a substantial threat of such abuse or neglect, shall immediately contact the county Children Services Agency and the Youngstown State University Police Department (330-941-3527)". Policy 3356-7-50 Minors on Campus

  • Ohio Ethics Mandatory Training

    The Ohio Ethics Commission offers an online option to satisfy the annual requirement for Ohio Ethics Training. 

    Ohio Ethics Law- E-learning

    Preferred browsers are Internet Explorer 9 or later; Safari 5.1 or later; Google Chrome 17 or later

    Ohio Ethics Law- Webinars