2000 Model Knowledge Domain - Selected Topics

2000 Model Knowledge Domain - Selected Topics

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Note: Courses noted with an asterisk are accepted as part of the official transfer module


990054 — BIOL 3718: Women, Science and Technology

An overview of the role women have played in scientific and technological advances. Examines current events as they relate to science and technology using an interdisciplinary approach. Examines the effect of advances in science and technology on modern society, including the effects on women. 3 S.H.


990495 — ENGL 2651: Introduction to Language

Introduction to language principally for prospectivde teachers, with emphasis on the nature and function of language and its history, variations, and acquisition. Prereq.: ENGL 1551 3 S.H.


GERO 3745 is cross-listed as SOC 3745 — see below


990114 — HMEC 3780: Consumer Economics

Managing the family's economic resources through the use of the decision-making process. Current consumer issues and sources of information for consumers. Prereq.: ECON 2610 or 2630. 3 S.H.


990082 – PHIL 1560: Introduction to Philosophy

The nature of philosophy and its relation to science, religion, and art; study of the philosophical approach and attitude, the basic problem areas in philosophy, and some typical philosophical viewpoints. 3 S.H. (Formerly PHIL 2600)


990083 – PHIL 2619: Introduction to Logic

Introduction to syllogistic or classical logic, symbolic, and inductive logic. Emphasis will be placed on the rules of the syllogism, immediate inference, propositional functions, classes, truth tables, Venn diagrams; the use of analogy, generalization, the verification of hypotheses and scientific method. 3 S.H.


990120 – PHIL 1565: Critical Thinking

An examination of the logical skills needed for critical thinking in practical situations. Topics include procedures and guidelines for identifying and evaluating informal fallacies, and writing and critiquing argumentative essays. 3 S.H. (Formerly PHIL 2630)


990099 – REL 2605: Myth, Symbol, and Ritual

An introduction to the nature and function of myth, symbol, and ritual. Myth interpretation, the relationship between societies and their myths, and the cultural use of myths, symbols, and rituals in religious and spiritual contexts. 3 S.H.


990440 — SOC 2690: Identities and Differences

A study of personal and social issues that shape our understanding and development of identity and diversity. 3 S.H.


990077 — SOC 3745: Sociology of Health, Illness, and Health Care (also listed as GERO 3745)

Social attitudes toward illness. Cultural and social factors in disease definition of illness, and organization of the health profession and health facilities. Lectures and field work. Prereq.: SOC 1500, or admission to the NEOUCOM-YSU program. 3 S.H.


990051 — SPED 2630: Individuals with Exceptionalities in Society

Characteristics, adjustment problems, and special needs of individuals with exceptionalities (disabilities and/or gifts and talents). The laws and implementations; due process and resources recommended for the accommodation of individuals with exceptionalities in a variety of settings including the workplace, medical facilities, recreation and leisure time formats, education and personal-social environments 3 S.H.