Kristina Paabus's Something to Believe In Exhibition

Kristina Paabus's Something to Believe In Exhibition will be on display in the McDonough Mid-level Galleries January 24-March 7, 2020. In the solo exhibition, Paabus examines the systems that we use to control our surroundings as well as the structures that try to control us. Our personal and cultural narratives are formed by tools such as language, architecture, Internet, beliefs, and government. Through abstraction and metaphor Paabus investigates the operations, fractures, and perceptions of these strategies to uncover the underlying common codes of our shared experiences. As a first-generation Estonian-American, Paabus has been influenced by growing up in between these two cultures, histories, and places. Much of her creative work has focused on the lasting impact of Soviet occupation on both tangible and invisible spaces. Paabus creates hybrid spatial conversations that observe, interpret, and respond to experiences of attempted containment. This exhibition spans the past seven years of her multidisciplinary creative practice through drawings and sculptures. These speculative renderings translate visual remnants to question, disrupt, and abstract power structures.


Free and open to the public


Parking is available in the M30 Wick Deck for a nominal fee