Entrepreneurship Programs

The next great idea to hit the market is up to you. Bring your aspirations to life and control your own moves in your career as an entrepreneur.

What You'll Study

It takes courage to step out on your own.

But if you have the drive, creativity and ability to recognize opportunity, you already possess the traits of an entrepreneur. Our Entrepreneurship minor can take you even further so that you're ready to tackle the challenges that come with starting a business or transforming an idea into reality.

From inception to startup, we'll teach you how to develop your ideas and create business plans. You'll learn the entrepreneurial process and gain a grounding in many start-up concepts. Whether you're attaching the minor to your degree program or earning the certificate, both are smart options for majors in all disciplines who wish to start their own companies. In a world full of opportunities, navigating the possibilities will be a little easier with the right skill sets and tools that the programs offer.


Entrepreneurship - Minor