Dr. Virgil Solomon


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Associate Professor in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department, with a joint appointment in the Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Program.

Dr. Solomon received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (1990) from Gh. Asachi Polytechnic Institute, Iasi, Romania, and his Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering (2002) from Kumamoto University, Japan. From 2002 to 2007 he was post-doctoral fellow at Center for Solid State Science at Arizona State University, where he specialized in materials investigation using electron microscopy. Before joining YSU Dr. Solomon was instrumentation scientist at the Institute of Materials Science, University of Connecticut. His research interests include materials and process design, and characterization using experimental and numerical methods. He is interested in the study of processing, structure, and performance of shape memory alloys, nanomaterials, and ceramic-metals composites. Recent projects include metal powders processing and characterizations for additive manufacturing applications, optimization of ZnO nanostructures vapor deposition synthesis using CFD modeling, prediction of mechanical and functional behavior of 3D printed components using FEA, failure analysis of ultrasonic and electric resistance welded components. Dr. Solomon has over 30 peer-reviewed publications and he is member of MSA, ASM International, and MSNO.

Selected referred Publications

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