Dr. AKM Islam

Anwarul Islam

Anwarul Islam received his BS (1992) in civil engineering from BUET, MS (2000) and PhD (2005) in civil engineering from The Florida State University. The $1 billion Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge project in Bangladesh, and expressway bridges and buildings projects for Public Works Department in Singapore are notable projects where he worked in various capacities. After graduating from The Florida State University, he worked as a Senior Structural Engineer for PBS&J (currently Atkins) and designed several bridges, retaining walls and other structures. In Fall 2005, he joined Youngstown State University as an assistant professor and started his research in health monitoring of bridges and structures using wireless sensor networks. One of his notable research achievements is a software to instantly determine load and condition ratings of a bridge using its dynamic response collected through wireless sensor networks. He is an ASCE ExCEEd teaching fellow from the West Point Military Academy, and involved in many technical and professional organizations at various capacities. He received the NASA Glenn Summer Faculty Fellowship in 2013 and 2014, and performed research on the health and safety monitoring of military aircrafts. For more information on his current and past research, please visit his website.

Selected publications

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