GIS Mapping and Data Center

The Youngstown State University GIS Mapping and Data Center is located on the second floor of Melnick Hall, in room 2101, on the campus of Youngstown State University, and is managed by John Bralich, Senior GIS Manager, Data Services Manager.  The GIS Mapping and Data Center provides a broad spectrum of services, including the following:

  • ​Comprehensive analysis of property and neighborhood conditions, including vacant properties, with a focus on blight remediation efforts
  • Property and infrastructure conditions surveys
  • Production of GIS maps in both printed and digital display formats
  • Tabulation and analysis of socioeconomic and property-based data
  • Geocoding (address-matching), mapping, and analysis of address-level data
  • Network analysis, such as mapping and analysis of service areas
  • Production and maintenance of interactive web maps, including the Real Property Information System (RPIS), and the city of Youngstown zoning map
  • Printing and display mounting services (GIS documents)

The center also provides Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) site analysis.  CPTED is a natural approach to crime prevention and places most of its emphasis on human activities and how they become exposed to crime and loss.  The principles of CPTED seek to reduce the occurrence of criminal activity through the design of the built environment, and range from small-scale implementation such the placement of benches and landscaping to large-scale housing developments and schools.  The four principles of CPTED are Natural Surveillance, Natural Access Control, Territorial Reinforcement, and Maintenance.  According to the National Institute of Crime Prevention, CPTED is an effective way to fight crime and promote businesses, and is ideal for law enforcement officers, city planners and officials, architects, security consultants, educators, or anyone involved in designing neighborhoods, schools, downtowns, buildings, or revitalization efforts.

The GIS center’s mission is to integrate professional staff, and university faculty and students, to focus on issues and problems of urban and regional development, by providing an ongoing program of applied research and technical assistance to government, nonprofit, and social service organizations.

All GIS mapping and data services are provided on a fee-for-service or contract basis.  To initiate a GIS mapping and/or data inquiry, including printing and census data inquiries, please contact John Bralich, Senior GIS Manager, Data Services Manager, at (330) 941-2302 or

GIS Pricing Policies FY2021*

John D. Bralich, CPD, Senior GIS Manager, Data Services Manager, has worked at YSU since 2001.  He received his B.A. in Geography and M.A. in American Studies at YSU.  John, in addition to managing research projects and the GIS Mapping and Data Center, and providing technical assistance to the University and a myriad of local government and social service entities, has provided GIS mapping and demographic analysis for numerous major projects, including the Youngstown 2010 Future Land Use Plan, development of the city of Youngstown’s rental registration program, neighborhood revitalization and watershed action plans, updating of the city of Youngstown’s code enforcement and demolitions process, and mass transportation projects throughout Ohio and Michigan.  He has participated in and provided mapping for numerous vacant property surveys in the city of Youngstown.  He developed a plan to establish a wetland mitigation bank on the east side of the city of Youngstown, and serves as the YSU Research Team lead on an Innovations in Community Based Crime Reduction Implementation Grant through the U.S. Department of Justice, which is a collaborative between Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation, Youngstown Police Department, and YSU, and aims to reduce crime and improve neighborhoods in a targeted area on the south side of the city of Youngstown.  He also developed and maintains the Real Property Information System, an online interactive map that contains a comprehensive collection of real property data in Youngstown, Ohio.  John holds a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Professional Designation (CPD) through the National Institute of Crime Prevention.  He may be reached via phone at (330) 941-2302 or by email at