Accessibility Committee


The Accessibility Committee is a venue for faculty and staff who feel their specific ADA Compliance issues are not being met by all other training & information available and need guidance on a specific EIT Accessibility Compliance issue.

James Yukech,
EIT Coordinator

Ron Cole,
Public Information Officer

Rosalyn Donaldson,
Manager of Training and Development

Holly Jacobs,
Vice President and General Counsel

Cynthia A. Kravitz,

Gina McGranahan,
Assistant Director of Disability Services
Title II/Section 504 Coordinator for Students

Ross Morrone,
Director of Marketing & Communications

Trevor Parks,
Sports Information Director

Elaine Ruse,
Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Bob Tupaj,
Website Manager/Portal Administrator

Becky Varian,
Director, Center for Student Progress,