Our Distance Learners

The Office of Cyberlearning at Youngstown State University supports the use of web-based technology and instructional systems designed to deliver courses to learners online. Our CL learners are a diverse group of highly motivated, conscientious individuals who draw from their life experiences to enhance their studies. At this time, many of our CL learners are current learners who take some or all of their courses at a distance to give them more flexibility in the management of school, family, and work.

Our Cyber Learning Program 

All of our degree programs must meet the YSU general education undergraduate degree requirements and may include credit for prior college-level learning. All of our distance courses comply with federal and state standards and guidelines.

The YSU CL office is deeply committed to excellence in online education. Therefore, the foundation of our online academic program and course development process is based on the Best Practices for Online Education, the National Education Technology Standards, and Quality Matters Rubric in order to ensure quality in program and course design with the appropriate use of multi-media technology to enrich the learner experience.

Our Cyber Learning Faculty

Our CL courses are taught by full-time faculty, ETS faculty, and part-time adjunct faculty. Our CL faculty members draw on their close ties to the community to enhance the academic learning of their students in many disciplines. They are highly committed to our learners and to excellence in online teaching.

Our office provides all of our online faculty members with the proper training and support necessary to work successfully with adult learners in the online environment.