Marketing Major

So now you've got the product — but how do you get people to buy it? And where, when and why? Get some ROI on those questions by pursuing a Marketing major with us.

What You'll Study

Marketing majors incorporate advertising, consumer research, strategy and sales. We designed this major to prepare you for a career, and because marketing is so important to any organization's success, we prepare you to work virtually anywhere.

You'll select one of four tracks to tailor the marketing major to your interests. By focusing on a specific area of expertise, you'll spend more time learning about what you really want to do after graduation.

You'll also learn the skills critical to landing sales and succeeding in the workplace. Communication, decision-making, research, how to build a team—all are just a few of the many qualities you'll use for years to come with your BSBA.


All Marketing majors must meet the program requirements for the BSBA degree and​ take core business courses. You'll also choose one of these four tracks within the major:

  • Marketing Management Track

    Every business needs to plan their budget, organize project timelines and staff their offices. The Marketing Management track prepares you to expertly craft your leadership skills within a company and between clients.

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  • Sales Management Track

    Sales generates the resources all organizations need. This track prepares you to sell professionally and manage a sales force.

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  • Advertising and Public Relations Minor

    Couple this minor with a marketing, writing, communications or business major for a fast-track approach to promotion and PR.

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  • Marketing Minor

    If you'd like to add sales knowledge to your major program, the Marketing minor offers a broader opportunity. It also takes less than half of the semester hours needed to complete the major.

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  • Sales Minor

    Most professional business careers require strong sales skills—whether you’re selling products and services to customers or ideas and expertise to clients. In many organizations the performance of the sales force is often the most critical to the overall success of the firm. The Sales Minor within the Department of Marketing in the Williamson College of Business Administration enables you to develop knowledge and skills in sales and sales management that will be useful and complement your major.

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Internships and Jobs


  •  McConnell Marketing
  •  Axiom Advertising
  •  Prodigal Company
  •  Akron Children's Hospital
  •  Mahoning Valley Historical Society
  •  United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley
  •  Meridian Community Care

WCBA Internship Opportunities


  •  Youngstown Business Incubator
  •  Dell
  •  American Greetings
  •  Cintas
  •  FirstEnergy
  •  Cafaro
  •  Turning Technologies

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One More Thing

Work hard. Don’t feel limited. Take some risks after school."

Don Lewis, Marketing Alum and President of SCA Americas