Finance Major

A finance degree opens up a world of opportunity in any industry. Enjoy a flexible career and grow as a financial expert through our program.

What You'll Study

Employers look for the analytical abilities that our finance majors possess. Through this program, you'll build a sound foundation in business finance and become an expert in managing the financial future of an organization.

To strengthen your knowledge in a specific area, you'll choose one of two offered tracks. The first focuses on managing financial investments and funds while the second lets you focus on financial strategy.

Our major in Finance leads to an exciting, multidimensional career in business. The analytical skills you develop translate into career flexibility, job security, and can be use in a variety of corporate, government and nonprofit organizations.

Master of Arts in Financial Economics available for this major. 


All Finance majors must meet the program requirements for the BSBA degree. You will choose one of these two tracks:

  • Certified Financial Planner Track

    The secret to a successful business is strategic financial planning. Students who complete this track are eligible to sit for the certification exam to become a Certified Financial Planner. 122 Credit Hours

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  • Financial Management Track

    When it comes to making big financial decisions, companies need people to manage their funds in order to accomplish organizational goals. This track teaches you to manage the investments, insurance and banking of a corporation. 121 Credit Hours

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  • Accounting Minor

    Enhance your non-accounting major with this minor, designed to teach you essential accounting principles and give you an edge over the competition in the job market.

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  • Finance Minor

    Supplement your accounting, business or economics focus with this 18-credit-hour minor.


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Internships and Jobs


  •  Wells Fargo Advisors
  •  LORD Corporation
  •  Mahoning County Treasurer's Office

WCBA Internship Opportunities


  •  MassMutual Financial Group
  •  The Huntington Investment Company
  •  PNC Bank
  •  Merrill Lynch

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One More Thing

My time here at YSU has proven to be both challenging yet exhilarating. I have been able to get a true college experience, making memories that will last a lifetime, all while getting an education in finance that will provide for a solid, stable future."


Corey Patrick, Class of 2016