Economics Major

Are you a logical problem-solver and thinker? The Williamson College of Business Administration offers two degree programs in Economics. You can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Business Economics or a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics.

What You'll Study

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics aims to help students master valuable knowledge and develop real-world skills along with a sense of enlightenment and fulfillment. Studying economics can also be fun because the questions asked are both intellectually stimulating and relevant to our lives. Our rigorous curricula emphasize applications of economic principles and analysis. In their last semester, students have the opportunity of conducting research using real economic or business data.

Business Economics majors at Youngstown State University take courses in intermediate microeconomic theory, intermediate macroeconomic theory and complete a capstone project involving data analysis. Business economics majors also take four upper division electives that introduce them to different specializations, such as international trade, money and banking, public finance, and labor markets.