Economics Major

Let's talk numbers. An economics degree equals new opportunities for you in finance, business and government.

What You'll Study

This major prepares you for a variety of opportunities in the world of economics. You'll learn how to analyze markets using microeconomic theory and gain an understanding of what determines unemployment and inflation by studying macroeconomic theory. You will develop data analysis skills by taking coursework in business statistics and conducting your own research project in the program’s capstone course. Elective courses give you the opportunity to explore how economics can be used to analyze environmental policy, tax policy, international trade, international financial markets, the banking system, health care policy, or the economic systems of other countries. Many students enhance their career goals by double-majoring in economics and another discipline such as political science or mathematics.

The skills you learn as an economics major are widely applicable and prepare you to help businesses and government agencies make important decisions. In the private sector large firms hire economists to help plan corporate strategy; utility and manufacturing companies hire economists to forecast demand for their products; and firms in the financial sector to serve as financial analysts, financial consultants, and risk analysts. You can explore these career options and gain valuable experience through economics internships. 

Master of Arts in Economics available for this major. 

The accelerated "4+1" program allows students to earn the MA in Economics in one year after completing their bachelor's degree. 


All Economics majors take seven required courses. You have the option to specialize in one of three areas; however, choosing a specialization is not required. You can also follow the Bachelor's/Master's program.


Internships and Jobs


  •  Medical Service Company
  •  FEIC Financial, Inc
  • Mahoning Economic Development Corporation
  • Altronic LLC
  • Western Reserve Port Authority


  •  FactSet
  •  Springleaf Financial Services
  •  Panther Premium Logistics
  •  General Motors
  •  Wal-Mart
  •  Bureau of Labor Statistics