Communication Studies Major

Whether you're tweeting, texting or talking, communication courses help you build skills for personal and professional success.

What You'll Study

You've heard the phrase, "The medium is the message." You'll understand that communication isn't just speaking with each other, but how the tools we use to do so affect that.

Develop your skills through experience. Spin some tracks or start a talk show on Rookery Radio, YSU's student-run radio station. Get in front of or behind the camera with Light the Wick, our online streaming show produced in our own Bliss Hall Television Studio. Or if you're more of a writer, YSU's student newspaper The Jambar can be a good career starter, too. Communication Studies has the internships and student media opportunities to build a strong skillset and a solid resume.

And if you ever need help with public speaking or other presentations, our Communication Tutoring Center is here to get your speech in gear.

Master of Arts in Professional Communication available for this major.