English Major

Follow your passion for language and literature—and an educational path that leads to diverse career opportunities—by majoring in English with us.

What You'll Study

English majors are thinkers. They read, discuss and write about works from across the spectrum—from the timeless classics to the writings of nontraditional writers, cutting-edge poets, dramatists and filmmakers.

The program exposes you to a multitude of texts and interpretive perspectives, so that by the end of your journey through the works that have impacted hundreds of years of cultures and peoples, you will have:

  • Analyzed a range of literary issues, figures, texts, themes, techniques and genres;
  • Discussed contexts of diverse cultures, such as the roles that race, class, gender and sexuality play in shaping cultural perception; and
  • Argued competently in your writing through a close examination of works from critical and primary sources.

Most importantly, you'll come away from the major with the ability to expertly use and understand the English language. These skills apply to career opportunities in law, government, public and media relations, education, publishing, business and more.


To earn your bachelor's in English, you'll take a core of courses along with additional courses in the following areas:

  • Language studies
  • Multicultural studies
  • British and American literature
  • Advanced writing
  • Pop culture studies


Internships and Jobs

  • The News Outlet
  • EdIntersect
  • Youngstown State University
  • Seattle University School of Law
  • Pearson
  • AmeriCorps VISTA
  • Self-employed writers and editors
  • High schools, college English departments and law schools
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

One More Thing

YSU’s English program has given me the skills, knowledge and theory to succeed in critical thinking, as well as the flexibility to pursue a semester abroad, an internship and a research assistantship."

Georgia Kasamias, Class of 2017