Online Respiratory Care Major

Enhance your career options in clinical and leadership roles through the online respiratory care completion program, designed specifically for respiratory therapists like you.

What You'll Study

Program goals

The Bachelor of Respiratory care Degree advancement program goals are to provide graduates with additional knowledge, skills and attributes in leadership, management, education, research and advanced clinical practice skills to allow the student to meet their current professional goals and prepare them for practice as an advanced degree respiratory therapist.

BSRC online Degree Advancement Learning objectives

  1. Demonstrate competence in the cognitive (knowledge) domains the ability to evaluate, comprehend and apply information in order to match patient need with therapeutic intervention.
  2. Demonstrate competence in the psychomotor (technical skills) Exhibit technical proficiency skills necessary to fulfill the role as an advanced level respiratory therapist. Including those of education and research attributes.
  3. Demonstrate competence in the affective (behavior) Display professional behavior leadership and management attributes along with compassion consistent with employer expectations as an advanced level respiratory therapist.


Apply for Admission to the BSRC D/A Program

Apply for Admission to the BSRC D/A Program