Online Public Health Major

Earn your degree on your terms through our fully online Public Health program, and find new opportunities in the nonprofit, academic, public and private sectors.

What You'll Study

The online program prepares you for a career as a Certified Health Education Specialist or to take the sanitarian exam. As a specialist, you will be able to asses individual and community needs while implementing, managing and evaluating various health education and promotion programs. Passing the sanitarian exam, on the other hand, would lead you to a career promoting public health by conducting health inspections.

Coursework in the program provides you with public health training in the five standard areas needed to perform these essential roles. The online program addresses each of these areas, which include:

  •  Epidemiology
  •  Biostatistics
  •  Health Services Administration
  •  Environmental Health
  •  Behavioral Science/Health Education

Master of Public Health available for this major. 

The accelerated "4+1" program allows students to earn the Master of Public Health degree in one year after completing their Bachelor's degree.

The online Public Health major allows you to complete your degree in a unique and flexible format (we do offer an on-campus Public Health major as well). As an online student, you'll have the choice between two tracks. Each track has the option of a two-, three- or four-year program. In addition, a minor in Public Health in offered.

Online Major