Medical Laboratory Science Major

Combining classroom and laboratory learning, you will have the opportunity to gain experience in a growing medical field that works to discover new breakthroughs every day.

What You'll Study

The program prepares you for a career as a medical laboratory scientist, bench-level technologist, supervisor or laboratory manager.

Imagine a career where you perform a wide range of tests to detect subtle changes that occur in diseases. You conduct extensive tests, including complete blood counts and more complex tests that work to uncover diseases such as leukemia and diabetes.

The Medical Laboratory Science major is your stepping stone to get there. Take courses designed to give you a well-rounded learning experience and prepare you for the work-force. This "3+1" program allows you to take courses in the classroom to broaden your understanding before moving on to spend your final year doing hands-on laboratory work through an MLS-accredited hospital program.


  • Medical Laboratory Science Major

    During the first three years of the program, you will take pre-professional courses in the following areas:

    •  Clinical laboratory technology
    •  General chemistry
    •  Biological sciences
    •  Organic chemistry and biochemistry
    •  Microbiology
    •  Immunology
    •  Mathematics

    The final year will be completed at an MLS-accredited hospital program.

    Course Listing