MAT Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the Youngstown State University Master of Athletic Training program is to provide and innovative, rigorous, and comprehensive educational experience to students. Upon completing the program students will become holistic healthcare providers who are competent and confident in their skills to deliver healthcare across the scope of athletic training practice. The program will utilize an educational approach that will build and foster patient centeredness, inter-professional collaboration, critical thinking, leadership, and best practices in athletic training healthcare. 

  1. Prepares students to be successful on the credentialing exam
  2. Provide students with faculty and preceptors who will provide quality learning experiences in the classroom and through clinical application
  3. Provides students with education and educational opportunities to utilize best practices and patient centeredness when making clinical decisions to provide quality healthcare.
  4. Provide students with the opportunities to demonstrate and develop effective communication skills with patients, colleagues, and other healthcare providers in accordance with legal and ethical standards of athletic training practice.
  5. Implements and provides students with a framework for successful demonstration of foundational behaviors and dispositions expected of healthcare professionals in all interactions with patients, colleagues, and other healthcare practitioners.
  6. Provide students with the mentorship and educational support to develop confidence in their athletic training healthcare knowledge and skills to be prepared to transition to autonomous clinical practice.

Our Vision

The vision of the Youngstown State University (YSU) Master of Athletic Training Program (MAT) is to be known for its advancement and development of athletic trainers who enhance the health and wellness of their patients, and advance the quality of athletic training healthcare through an evidencebased approach.