Dietetics Programs

Food and nutrition—two areas you'd love to build your expertise in as a professional. Choose one of the three paths to success through our Dietetics programs and prepare for your future career.

What You'll Study

The Dietetics programs prepare you for a career in food and nutrition as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN) or Nutrition and Dietetic Technician, Registered (NDTR), and offer the chance to focus your studies to personalize your degree.

RDNs enhance health and well-being of patients/clients, communities and populations, and deliver quality products, programs, and services including Medical Nutrition Therapy. NDTRs work under the supervision of an RDN in providing direct patient/client nutrition care, and may work independently in the food service business and industry, conducting nutrient analyses, and managing food and nutrition services in a variety of settings.

Our Coordinated Bachelor's Program in Dietetics is Accredited through 2020 by ACEND. 


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  • Coordinated Bachelor's Program in Dietetics

    The five-semester program encompasses a minimum of 1,200 supervised practice hours in medical nutrition therapy, community nutrition and wellness, maternal and child, foodservice and aging. 132 Credit Hours

    The following information can be found located within the Student Handbook *

    • Application and Admission requirements prior to joining the program
    • Requirements and process to becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
    • Academic Program Calendar
    • Program Mission and Goals
    • Program Costs
    • Graduation and Program Completion Requirements
    • Financial Aid Information; regarding scholarships, stipends, loan deferments (federal or private), and other support
    • Distance Education Requirements, and expectations
    • Requirements for Supervised Practice Experiences, Experiential Learning Sites, and Preceptors 
    • Information regarding state License requirements

    Program Outcomes Data is available upon request. 


    * Costs for the Student that includes travel, housing, books, liability insurance, medical exams, drug testing, background checks, verification of student identity (such as for distance learning), uniforms and other program-specific costs/fees, in addition to any institutional fees and tuition.  

    Course Listing

  • Didactic Bachelor's Program in Dietetics

    You will begin your education in the Food and Nutrition programs as a Pre-Dietetics major and complete the admission criteria before applying to the Didactic program. 120 Credit Hours

    Course Listing

Associate Program

Internships and Jobs

  •  St. Elizabeth Health Center
  •  Salem Regional Medical Center
  •  YSU Andrews Recreational Center
  •  VidaFit
  •  Meadville Medical Center
  •  Public Health Institute