Dental Hygiene Major

To keep up with the evolution in dental hygiene, you'll be provided the opportunity to obtain certifications in nitrous oxide, local anesthesia and EFDA. 

What You'll Study

A registered dental hygienist works in partnership with a dentist to provide comprehensive dental hygiene care and preventive services to patients. You'll develop clinical skills that include

  • recording medical and dental histories
  • performing oral examinations
  • dental charting and periodontal evaluations
  • exposing radiographs
  • scaling and root planing
  • polishing
  • administering fluoride therapy
  • local anesthesia and pain control techniques
  • placing pit and fissure sealants
  • making study models

In addition to clinical skills, as a hygienist you will utilize significant knowledge to develop an individualized care plan for the patient and to instruct them in the maintenance of oral health. Enhanced understanding of the restorative aspects of dentistry has also been incorporated into the program. Courses in expanded functions permit you to gain knowledge and experience in the placement of amalgam and non-metallic restorative materials.

All students maintain membership in the YSU Student Chapter of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and perform fundraising and community service projects as well as research presentations at the university and state levels. This unique combination of experiences is intended to create a well-rounded, confident and caring dental hygiene professional.


  • Dental Hygiene Major

    You will take nine semesters of coursework, including three semesters focusing on basic science and general education before admission into the program.

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